PT Cerdas Digital Nusantara (CAKAP)
THE COMPANY What we stand for We believe language is a crucial part of the human ecosystem. It is not only for communication with other human beings or simply answering “Arigatou gozaimasu,” with “Douitashimashite.” Also, language does not only mean we can understand the idiom of “in someone’s shoes” without looking it up in a dictionary or googling. Let’s aim higher: language means breaking the mind barriers of what we think we cannot do. We have faith in education and how technology helps us to fill the gap between knowledge and access. We would like to take advantage of educational technology development to create an environment to learn and study without minding much about geographical and time issues. To put it in a nutshell: learning (languages) without boundaries. Our short story Starting from these thoughts, we decided to run an edutech company since 2015, formerly known as Squline, and based in Jakarta. CAKAP offers a solution for everyone who wants to speak other languages and learn more about different cultures. We reinvent language learning experience by providing an online platform for students and teachers; the idea is for you to study anywhere and everywhere. Culture we are trying to engage in We would like to create a conducive environment for everyone to learn, give their best, and have a good time embedding their roles. Hence, Learning process (and acknowledging one’s learning process) is essential in our team. We value people with high curiosity and intellectual humility; we believe these are important virtues to make an improvement. We appreciate not only great and fresh ideas but also how to turn them into real-world applications. Respect and wit are not mutually exclusive; we trust that people can respect others by listening and not interrupting when they talk. Wit, while important, does not equal to chatters. --- 谢谢大家 xièxiè dàjiā!
Cakap Institute, Jalan Makaliwe Raya No.36 RT.02 RW.05 Grogol, Grogol Petamburan
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Barat , DKI Jakarta
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