Financial Analyst Intern

Bukit Vista Hospitality Service
Kabupaten Badung, Indonesia
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Posted : 18 August 2021 00:00 WIB tutup - 01/02/2022 00:00 WIB
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Welcome to Bukit Vista

Inspire delight is what we do. At Bukit Vista, it is our duty to positively transform lives, be it our guests, our partners, or our employees. Innovation is the core to our day-to-day operations. With countless number of ideas that keeps coming, we hand pick and assess one by one to see which one will make us better in the hospitality industry.

Grow and Learn in Your Chapter : Business Intelligence Chapter

Revenue is the essence of every business in any sector. It reflects the direction your company is heading to. The Business Intelligence chapter is here to analyze and discover opportunities on where we can improve on our day to day activities and further maximize our revenue growth. We don’t assume and always use data to predict future possibilities, in which we believe we can be the best global portfolio of properties.



  • Understand Bukit Vista Core Values.
  • Personality: growth mindset, bias to action, self-learner.
  • Proficient in written/spoken English. Another third language (such as Mandarin, Russian, etc) will be a plus point. 
  • Education: we have no preference. 
  • Background: a promising history of achievement & accomplishments in academics, sports, business or extra-curricular activities.
Jenjang : Sarjana/S1
Program Studi : Semua Jurusan
IPK : 3

  • You’ll be expected to be competent on these skills during our internship time min. within 45 days:
    • Accounting Skills
      • P/L statements 
      • Balance Sheets
    • Financial models
      • Quantitative analyses
      • Findings report
      • Cost estimation
    • Financial controller
      • Audit
      • Budget

Level Masuk : Entry Level
Jumlah : 2 orang
Penempatan : Remote - Fleksibel
Tipe Pekerjaan : Magang
Deskripsi Pekerjaan :

What Will You Do?

You’ll be our financial analyst, where you measure everything we do in terms of financial inputs and outputs. Based on your findings, then you’ll decide which programs to keep, improve, or remove through a financial perspective. Throughout your internship here, your goal is to improve efficiencies and to better what we do!

Our workspace is very dynamic and changes often happens, there are always things that we can do better. Innovation is our value, we innovate to improve ourselves and the people around us. We are not afraid of doing more, even if it’s beyond our duty. In Bukit Vista, we make decisions based on data, not assumptions. It helps us identify problems and decide which to prioritize. We always encourage everyone to pitch in their ideas without considering their positions in the company – everyone has equal chance!

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