Frontend Engineer

PT Top Remit
Kota Medan, Indonesia
Industri :
Semua Industri
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Total seluruh posisi: 13
Posted : 04 April 2022 00:00 WIB tutup - 30/06/2022 00:00 WIB
Spesialisasi : Teknologi Informatika
Jenjang : SMA / SMK / Sederajat
Program Studi : Semua Jurusan
Pengalaman : 1 Tahun
  • Excellent in programming, problem-solving, debugging, and optimization skills
  • For Junior, min. 1 year  of experience in relevant field (On site Medan)
  • For Medior to Senior,  more than 2 years of experience in the relevant field (Open for remote)
  • Able to work in/across the team and help the team achieve the objectives together
  • Experienced in React development. Able to use Next JS is a plus
  • Experienced in dynamic web/application development is a plus
  • Experienced in Android/iOS development or React Native development is a plus
  • Having a good knowledge in product user experience and design is a plus
Level Masuk : Middle Level
Jumlah : 4 orang
Penempatan : Medan
Tipe Pekerjaan : Penuh Waktu
Deskripsi Pekerjaan :
  • Accurately translate customer and business needs into functional codes
  • Test and monitor authored feature, and fix the bug quickly
  • Peer review code changes and provide constructive feedbacks
  • Provide written knowledge or act as a support team for system users across the department
  • Improve the system quality by identifying issues, common patterns, and developing standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • Conduct researches about the relevant new technologies and shape the future of the systems
  • Self Development Allowance
  • Health & Wellness Allowance
  • Yearly Bonus
  • Bonus Leave
  • Paid Leave
  • THR
  • etc
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