MarkPlus Inc.
A leading marketing professional services firm in Southeast Asia region, is currently opening opportunities for talented people to become MarkPlus-ers and be challenged with a unique, exclusive and distinctive working atmosphere whereas we call our firm the “University of Live”. A place where acquisition, creation, and application of knowledge –particularly those in business marketing – happens all the time and permeates into our everyday working life. Product & Services We at MarkPlus Inc are mindful of the challenges that companies face in today's ever competitive business environment. No matter what your marketing or strategy problems and needs are or which industry you are in, we have the expertise to understand and provide valuable solutions to achieve your goals. We are as passionate as you are in obtaining your results. Because we see your business as a collective whole, we offer a unique and integrated proposition of Knowledge, Insight, and Solution through our 4 individual but synergistic capabilities. Consulting As one of the leading strategy and marketing consulting firms in Southeast Asia, MarkPlus Consulting provides an array of marketing strategy development and process improvement services for our clients. Research MarkPlus Insight is a leading research service provider which promises to provide clients with reliable information and relevant insights based on external and internal fact-findings activities, provide market snapshots, and uncover unspoken and hidden customers' needs. Education & Training MarkPlus Inc’s center for knowlegde and learning development, it offers public education programs, certification programs, in-company education. Media & Community Formerly known as MarkPlus Club / MarkPlus Forum, Marketeers is now established as an integrated platform (offline and online) for marketers, for all things related about marketing.
EightyEight@Kasablanka, 8th Floor Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88 Jakarta 12870, Indonesia.
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Selatan , DKI Jakarta
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